Tony Walker (Cruise)

Lives and works in Washington, D.C.




Pioneer Works Music Residency


Factory Berlin, Sonar +D, Beats by Dre Artist in Residence Program


NASA Silver Achievement Medal: TDRS-M Project Team


NASA Agency Honor Award: TDRS-M Mission Operations Segment Team


NASA Group Achievement Award: TDRS-M Omni Antenna Mishap Response Team


NASA Group Achievement Award: TDRS-M Game Team


NASA Agency Honor Award: SGSS Revitalization Team


BA University of Maryland: College Park


Selected Press, Sound Design, and Exhibitions


'Dark Spring' Generative Sound Sculpture, Factory Berlin, Berlin


'I'd Rather be in a Dark Space Than' Conceptual Installation, Factory Berlin, Berlin


Meet the 10 Selected Creatives of Sonar +D, Factory Berlin, Beats by Dr. Dre Artist in Residence Program. Sonar +D


Imagining Youth in a Reborn Berlin. Document Journal


Third Space. Playful Magazine Issue No. 5


Exhibition Review: 'I'd Rather be in a Dark Silence Than.' Clot Magazine


Four Rising Singer-Songwriters To Check Out This Weekend. FADER Magazine


Warp HQ Recommendations. WARP Records


Soulection Show #452 w/ Andre Power. Soulection


Tony Cruise. Balenciaga Beats


'Privacy is Fake Now' (Poetry, Sound Design, 12 min.). Operator LA, Berlin


Concert (Performance, 1 hr. 45 min.). Factory Berlin, Berlin


'Max Res Default' (Digital Audio, Cassette, 30 min.). Self-Released, Berlin


'No Hard Feelings' (Performance, 1hr.). Green River College, Seattle


'No Exit Press' (Cassette, 30 min.). Self-Released, Berlin


'Metal Poets Society' (VHS, 30 min.) Self-Released, Seattle


'Sun Reflection Press' (Cassette, 30 min.). Self-Released, Seattle


Podcasts to Listen to in 2020. Smithsonian Magazine, Washington D.C.


Review: Love High Speed. ThrdCoast, New York


Watch Newest Commercials: Amazon, MakeSpace, Arm & Hammer. Ad Age


'Smoker's Hotline' (Audio, 4 min.). VICELAND, London


The Oblivion of Pleasure and Wine' (Performance, 22 min.). Oberlin College, Oberlin


Angel of the Extinct Heart' (Digital Audio, 1hr.). Room Haus, Washington, D.C.


'Chantelle Softstretch' (Audio, 1 min.) CHANTELLE, Paris


'Love High Speed' (Digital Audio, 30 min.). Self-Released. Washington, D.C.


Concert (Performance, 20 min.). Rhizome, Takoma Park


Style: The Best DMV Rap Songs and Albums of 2018. Washington Post, Washington D.C.


Review: Weaponizing Dissonance. Capitol Sound DC, Washington D.C.


'We're All Mad Here' (Audio, 5 min.). Parsons New School of Design, New York


'FADER Mix' (Audio, 1hr.). FADER Magazine, New York


'Live at the Heartbreak Hotel' (Digital Audio, 30 min.). Rob Stokes. Washington, D.C.


'NTS Live - SCRAAATCH' (Audio, 1hr.). NTS Radio. London


‘African’-American Psycho’ (Digital Audio, 14 min.). Self-Released, Washington, D.C.


'Delta-7' (Digital Audio, 14 min.). Delta 7, Washington, D.C.


NASA TDRS-M Game (Sound Design). NASA Explorations and Space Communications Division, Greenbelt


Kendall + Kylie Drop 1 (Audio, 3 min.). Kendall + Kylie, Los Angeles


Kendall + Kylie Drop 2 (Audio, 3 min.). Kendall + Kylie, Los Angeles


Kylie x Quay (Audio, 3 min.). QUAY, Los Angeles


Kylie Jenner 16mm (Audio, 3 min.). Kylie Jenner, Los Angeles


Pac Sun Winter Denim (Audio, 3 min.). Pac Sun, Los Angeles


'Listening or of Empathy and Echo' (Digital Audio, Book, 45 min.). Eshovo, Chicago


‘Casual Encounters’ - Dear White People Season 1 Episode 8 (Audio, 3min.). Netflix


Missguided P+L Campaign (Audio, 3 min.). MissGuided, London


Fade 2 Fitness (Audio, 3 min.). Teyana Taylor, New York


Producers to Know. DC Music Download, Washington D.C.


Matinee Concert (Performance, 30 min.). Rhizome, Takoma Park


Creative Music in DC 29. Avant Music News, Washington D.C.


‘Thought Crimes’ (Digital Audio, 35 min.) Self-Released, Washington D.C.


‘Silk Noise Reflex’ (Digital Audio, Cassette, 45 min.) James Tillman, New York


'ɛʃəlan ðə sikər' (Digital Audio, 45 min.). Echelon the Seeker, Washington D.C.


‘#000000’ (Digital Audio, 45 min.), Eshovo, Chicago


Concert Review. The All State, Nashville


Concert Review. Nooga Today, Chatanooga


Interview. Deep District, Washington D.C.